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Projectile Consultancy Limited

                                                                                                                          Helping you to achieve your business goals.

Our services

Business start-up planning

Our main service involves providing our clients with quality specifications and process documentation that will serve as a valuable reference regarding decisions making and solutions implemented. We also develop client’s business case, and determine whether the business case is viable and warrants investment of company resources.

We are able to offer impartial advice as third party to business as we have no direct interest in them and we are able to show them the other side of the coin.


Business development analysis

We will be able to help businesses develop robust and comprehensive processes with which the business can be efficient and profitable.

We also help business to investigate the root cause of problems within existing businesses and then develop a road map to stir them out of the problem and make them become competitive again.

Identify all the systems, processes and users that are impacted by the business problem, and/or the solution.


Project management

Our experience consultants are able to offer bespoke management plan for business projects in order to achieve the desired objectives within the project.

We make sure that the right decision makers are involved in the project and have an opportunity to provide input.